Monday, August 5, 2013

You can now transfer YouTube channel to another person/user/email

If you want to transfer youtube channel to another Google Account. Check this tutorial:
How to Transfer YouTube Channel to another Google Account in 4 steps!

Create Responsive Adsense code directly from Google Adsense Dashboard.

Yes now you can create Responsive adsense code directly from your Google Adsense Dashboard.

Check the screenshot:

More details here:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you are a blogger and Google+ lover, Enable Google+ comments on your blog.

Google has recently introduced a new commenting system for blogspot based blogger. If you want to enable Google+ comment system on your blog. Go to Google+ tab and activate it.

More information can be found on my another blog
or in Google Comments Faq

Thanks and happy blogging with blogger!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gmail gets a new compose window, Easy to use, multiple compose windows now possible!

Google introduces new compose window for Gmail which is somewhat similar to Google Talk browser chat. There are many more features included in the new Gmail compose window.

 Lets take a quick look of the new compose window:

  • There is a new compose window with many features like text formatting, attachments.
  • Opening multiple compose windows at the same time is now possible.
  • Replying to other mail without closing new compose window (if any) now possible and it is easy.
  • Minimizing the compose window is possible no need to save or discard. Just minimize and do other stuffs and resume your compose box later.
  • Some features of old GMail compose window like emoticons, calender is still missing, but will be available soon.
  • Always have option to revert to old window.
You may watch this two minute video:

How to activate the new Gmail compose window:

If you want to activate the new compose window then simply click the red compose button on the top-left, you will get an alert like the image below:

Click on the Try it now button and enjoy the feature.

If you have skipped this stage then you may find a link on the compose window saying "Try out new compose experience"

No doubt, Gmail is most used email platform these days. This is mostly because of clean, elegant and no multimedia ads in the platform. +GMail also offers powerful spam filter, fast search and countless other features. What you think about the new feature leave your comments.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Google censored The Pirate Bay from search!

If you are The Pirate Bay and Google lover same time then if could be bad news for you. You will have to rely on either. Since Google censored the pirate bay from search results.

According to TorrentFreak (A popular blog about Torrent sites):
Google has quietly expanded its list of censored search phrases with the addition of The Pirate Bay’s domain names. The blacklist prevents popular keywords from appearing in Google’s Instant and Autocomplete search services, while the pages themselves remain indexed. Although Google understands that there is no silver bullet to stop online copyright infringement, the search giant is convinced that the steps they’ve taken could help to decrease piracy.
Although it is good policy to promote ethical downloads but many people feel bad about the Google massive censorship and it will not be surprising to see growth of other search engines (temporarily).

What you think about the policy of Google? leave your comment below:

Visit Torrent Freak for more details:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google Plus Rolling out "Vanity URL"!

In a recent post from Saurabh Sharma a Google employee at San Francisco has send update about Google+ vanity urls. The urls will be like But this is not available for every one and will be restricted to some well known people and brands.

The Google Plus vanity urls will be available in recent future but again it has been to late to announce. Till now the Google Plus pages and profiles are looks like One thing i guess wrong in the Google Plus url is the "+" sign. Since it will take extra effort to type from mobile devices.

Here are some early lucky ones who got this vanity urls:

  1. David Beckham :
  2. Britney Spears:
  3. Toyota:
  4. Ubisoft:
  5. Delta:
  6. Hugoboss:
  7. Google Plus (itself)
  8. Google:
  9. Epoca:
What you feel about these vanity urls? Please leave your comment below.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Google Account Chooser, To switch your Google Account easily!

Google Added a new page dedicated to "switching between account". This page "Google Account chooser" has nothing but a clean box showing all your logged in accounts.

Choosing between different Google Accounts is not a new thing but it has been presented in a new way to switch between multiple accounts.

See the Google webpage

How to activate and deactivate Google Account Chooser?

You will find this feature pre-activated if you have enabled multiple login. If you don't have activated then simply visit this link to activate Google account chooser.

If you don't like this feature then you will have option to disable it. Visit the opt-out page to disable this feature. After disabling this you will not be able to use this feature in Google. To switch between accounts you will need to enter your email id or username and password each time.

But the Good news is, we can re-enable this feature again in the feature simply visiting the opt-in page again.

For more details visit: